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A full-service design & marketing agency serving the healthcare industry.

Better patient care, powered by design.

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Your Healthcare Marketing Partner

Parlor exclusively partners with healthcare practitioners in order to offer niche industry knowledge. Specializing has given us the experience necessary to deliver the results that your practice needs.

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We are a design & marketing agency based in Georgia

In a time where marketing and technology evolve fast and quickly become obsolete, it takes an expert to stay ahead of the curve. At Parlor Media, we believe in a data-driven approach to marketing strategy to maximize your return on investment. Utilizing the latest industry leading platforms and tools, we put data at your fingertips. We implement systems to connect with your patients online, automate content creation, and simplify relationship management- all with real-time reporting and support from our experts.

Better patient care, by design
We leverage a portfolio of industry-leading tools for marketing and management. From patient communications to marketing automation, we have the solutions you need for your practice to grow and thrive.
A team of experts, on your side
Our comprehensive team of marketing, design, and development experts collaborate to deliver you the best results.
Serving healthcare professionals
From private practice to healthcare systems, we have scalable solutions to grow your business- no matter the size.

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Graphic & Web Design

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